my happy 1/2 birthday

today i am 28 (and a 1/2) and for lack of a better excuse decided that today is a good day to start a blog. i am new to the world of blogging so this is all going to take a while to get used to. my inspiration for this was started from a friend of mine (Ana Cruz) who, a few years ago, created a "picture-a-day" album and would take a picture every day for a year and write something to remember that day. this is my attempt to mimic her creativity (Thanks Ana!!)


today, i bought a new pair of shoes at urban outfitters (on sale of course), on my lunch break. i have been searching for a pair of grassy, kelly green flats for a while and these just popped out. i am a shopper at heart and have been trying to be good, save money, not spend, but I can't pass up a great deal…I am weak!



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3 responses to “my happy 1/2 birthday

  1. Ana

    A) I *love* the shoes!
    B) I’m glad I could inspire! 🙂
    I’m excited for your interweb journey and look forward to more posts! Love ya! -Ana

  2. Joanna –
    Welcome to the blogging world! I added you to my reader list. Come visit us
    Kris (Chambless) Garcia

  3. Donna Almquist Aguiar

    Happy 28.5…great shoes!

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