3 day weekend begins

i had the day off from work today…yay! i decided to head into the city to do some errands

traffic was light so i was able to snap this beautiful picture of the city on a very rare warm and sunny day, without getting in an accident.

then i braved the dmv in order to get a duplicate license because my picture is still from possibly sophomore year in college and my address is still my parents address. i figured now that i have lived in the bay area for 5 years that i should change my address.

cat pictures of the day:

-every morning kirky likes to take a shower here he is today, he let's the water drip on his paw and then licks the paw…it's pretty cute because i always swore cats hated water!

-this is "little black kitty" (or "lola" as i like to call him/her). lola has been with us for about a year and a half now. s/he started coming around in december 07 is a feral cat and usually does not let us come near her so we are unsure as to if she is really a she. kirky and lola get along very well and for the past few days when i come home from work they are napping in the house together. i always feel bad that i come in and lola bolts out the door but she doesn't go far. today was the first time i was able to snap a picture without peaking out of the hole in the bathroom window screen.


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