chillaxing on a saturday

last night we went to the lombardo house for some zachary's pizza and beers and hang time with all the kiddos, and adults too. 9 month pregnant christy and bob were there and the kids got into a "who has the biggest belly contest"…pretty impressive


(eva pearl lombardo & finn hopeman)

good times, thanks for the great dinner michael and marlene, what a perfect night for an outdoor dinner and some beers!

today is going to be a day of cleaning, nail painting and finishing the book skinny bitch before book club (red sonkers) on tuesday night.


with march madness fully upon us, today has turned into bbq on the porch, drink beers and enjoy the sunshine…with basketball on in the background. kenny, dre, dre's cousin from brazil and kevin came over to partake in the festivities and to help with the bbq


with weather like today i feel so luck to be living in the bay area, good food, good friends, good times!




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2 responses to “chillaxing on a saturday

  1. Matt

    Kenny is so proud that he made the blog!

  2. Tina

    I bet my stomach looks just like that when I lift my shirt up 🙂

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