so apparently there is not much going on in my life on this monday that is worth photographing. tonight for dinner we will be feasting on fantastically yummy salmon burgers (first introduced to us by dan & lizzy) and can be purchased at "The Costco".


after dinner i will be good and do my PT exercises on my favorite new toy the bosu ball. this has got to be the best exerciser accessory ever, at least for rehabbing a major knee surgery. i have been using one at PT for the past month or so and had been searching for a "deal" on a used one. after searching around i decided to just buy a new one at target because that ended up being the best deal after all. [*matt wants to chime in that he won't be exercising tonight because his arms are going to fall off :). he and kenny put in a big workout + pick-up basketball + 3 mile run this weekend + 9 hours typing on the computer today=sore biceps, triceps…& all those other arm muscles]


monday night means having to decide between heroes or 24 on dvr…and that's my exciting monday…stay tuned, tuesdays are even more action packed!


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