spud box thursday

today is spud box thursday. this is our 2nd delivery of the box. it is an online grocery store that delivers local, organic veggies, fruits, canned goods, meat, non-meat products…everything!! 


the prices are reasonable for organic products and if you order more than $32 the delivery is free. you have the option to select local grown produce when available which is great because we are supporting the local farmers. i was turned on to this site from matt's co-worker tyler and so far its been great so thanks tyler!

i'm trying to eat more non-meat products so if anyone knows any fun tofu recipes…send them my way!



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2 responses to “spud box thursday

  1. Tina

    See? This is why I haven’t started the meat-hating “skinny bitch”. I LOVE STEAK!!! And now you’re brain washed….tofu….BLASPHEMY!

  2. Jojo

    i’m not a meat hater! i’m a lover of all foods…just am more “in the know” about the meat and dairy industry so am trying to be more picky about the food i put in my body. Skinny Bitch is totally worth the read, do not read it as a bible but as a guideline. There is no way i’ll ever be able to give up meat, or dairy but i’m trying to make smart choices where i can afford to. I do actually enjoy tofu so it’s not brain (you do like tofu, it tastes good, you will eat lots of tofu) washing by any means. 😉

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