springtime in the city

today has been a lazy day, but surprisingly productive as well. i went into the city to return the dress i didn't wear to charter gala (i bought 2 and made a game-time decision about which one to wear). the great thing about ordering online at nordy's is that if it doesn't work out you can return it in store which literally took less that 3 minutes once i found the right place.

while i was busy returning my merchandise matt decided heMatt.planterbox1 was going to make me a planter box so we can grow veggies at our house. we were at the super long's yesterday getting a few items and were browsing the plant and herb selection in their garden department, thus prompting the making of our own planter box.

here is matt figuring out the plans for the douglas fir planter box…it will be 8 feet long, 16 inches deep, 12 inches wide. we were just brainstorming about what kind of things to plant. we are thinking cherry tomatoes…and that's about as far as we got. i'm going to search for some gardening tips, because i think i have a black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive. i want something with a bit of instant gratification and something that will produce a good amount of edible objects :). any tips??


this has been an exciting weekend in the life of our cat kirky. yesterday while we were

trying to sleep he wanted to show us his love and brought in a LIVE mouse which i had to deal with because matt was still half asleep. this may sound shocking but this is actually his 20th live mouse that we have encountered (lord knows how many he brings in when we aren't home). we didn't actually find the mouse after he ducked behind the armoir in the bedroom, somehow kirky gets distracted while waiting to see our response and the mouse runs away (typical). there is a funky cornerCorner in the room where i think the mouse made his escape and i like to believe that he is miles away from our house now. so the story doesn't end there…we go to brunch with my parents and come back home a few hours later and kirky is dodging around the armoir like something was stuck back there…it was…this time it was a lizard fully alive and fully freaking out. i managed to get him outside and he had a quick flying lesson as i tossed him off the balcony. THEN, this morning i let kirky out at 6 and went back to bed. matt get up a bit later about 830 of so and there was a dead bird in front of the bedroom, matt had the pleasure of cleaning up this guy (*thank you matt*). after adding all those new "friends" to the tally sheet kirky's totals are:

-live birds: 1 (seriously…i had to get that thing out personally); dead birds 8; live mice 20; dead mice 13; lizards 4 (we did not track the status of the lizards)

now he is tired and is taking a long nap after all that hunting.



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  1. erika

    OK, Kirky’s hunting story cracks me up!! I can’t believe him! I think Snarf would be the same kinda cat if we allowed him outside. 🙂

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