yoga trial

so i attempted a yoga class tonight and it went ok…there were too many kneeling poses that i couldn't do but i did a lot of downward dog. for the first time back i'd say it went pretty well.

 i forget where i first saw this book but i think the title is hilarious and it's a fun way to get kids involved in yoga.

 my one "beef" with yoga classes is the hippiness side of it. i don't buy into the whole "plant your feet into the earth and grow your roots to the sky". i'm in it for the workout, the stretching etc i can totally do without the "om" and the "my body is a temple" it's funny because for as relaxing as yoga is supposed to be this is the part that gets me stressed out, but i guess that's part of the territory that comes with working out in berkeley :).


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  1. Lizzy

    hey, i don’t remember if i sent this article to you, but it fits in nicely with your yoga dilemma 😉

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