death of my mornings

ok so i had originally planned on writing something completely different for today but i jWoodyshowust found out that my favorite morning show the woody show 
is cancelled. 3 of the 5 people on the show got FIRED (woody, tony & ravey)!! apparently it's very hush-hush because there is some sort of legal matter involved. but the last show i listened to woody and ravey were going to florida to celebrate her 40th birthday and now they are gone…forever. i know it sounds crazy that i am this upset and i should not use profanity on my blog but WTF happened? i have been listening to this show for the past 3 years, darn near every day and i honestly don't know what i'm going to do without them. there were times when i'd be in my car on the way to work and literally be laughing out loud (LOL) at some of the stuff they were talking about. woody's wife is 7 months pregnant and now they are having to move across the country to st. louis to live with her parents.

my shout-out to the woody show…i am going to miss you all so much, you have become a part of my morning routine and i will never forget you guys. hopefully they will find a station where they can stream and/or continue to post podcasts on iTunes. even more…i want to know what was so damn sketchy that it was worth getting fired over. live 105…suck it i'm never listening to your station again.

-signed…pissed off Jojo (obvi)



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2 responses to “death of my mornings

  1. Tina

    My life was destroyed when my fav morning show was cancelled too. Adam Corrola was my bf from 7:30- 10 a.m. for like 2 years and I’m heartbroken since they’ve been gone for the last few weeks 😦 Oddly enough, the girl on the show just announced she was pregnant too- random coincidence. Chin up jojo!

  2. erika

    WTF is with firing people lately?! Wait, I didn’t know the Adam Corrola show isn’t on the air anymore, T!! Justin will be bummed because that was his morning show of choice.

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