NY to Cali

BY to Calii think I have decided that I hate flying. it took a total of 12 hours to get home from when i got on the subway to when i pulled in the driveway at home. i know it a miracle that one can travel from coast to coast in 6 hours but air travel really leaves something to be desired. working in travel as well i am well aware that the airlines have us all over the proverbial barrel but it still doesn't make it right. there are fees for everything! i thought the fee for checking a bag was instituted to help offset the rising fuel costs…now it's just greedy!

ok…i think this is turning into less of a journal entry and more of a rant (which i am prone to doing). this picture is of the baggage carousel in SFO, luckily my bag came out quick and i was able to get my car from park SFO pretty quickly but due to a "jack-knifed" big rig that shut down both directions of traffic on the san mateo bridge everyone and their mother (and grandmother too) were all going farther north on 101 to take the bay bridge. what did this mean to me? it meant that at 7:30pm when there should be no traffic i was stuck in the worst bumper to bumper traffic heading from the airport into sf and over the bridge. i was sneaky after waiting a bit too long and took the 9th street exit to folsom street to 1st street and got on the bridge and saved myself probably 45 minutes of waiting.


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