soccer is life, the rest is just details

Soccerpat…i actually think i owned a shirt in high school that said exactly that…and i believed it, honestly. soccer was my life for 15 years, i ate, slept and breathed (is that a real word) soccer. until that one fateful day in colorado and pop…there went my ACL. that was nearly 12 years ago and 4 surgeries later and now i am almost recovered :).

my little brother followed in my footsteps…or rather he blazed his own path in the direction of soccer. he played at csu sac state on scholarship for 4 years, then has played with the knights professional team in sacramento and on and off for a few adult league teams. tonight he came down and was a guest player on a scrimmage with the san juan lightning U18 team and it was a treat to get to watch, because i so rarely get to see him play these days.

he was such a good brother that he waited until i got there and was walking right by the goal…then he scored. their team won 1-0 because of pat's lone goal. it was totally worth the drive into san pablo.  Patjo

when pat called and said he was playing at the contra costa college i
said 'where is that?'…now i know where it is and have a memory to go
with it. i was indeed that bundled up… even though it is the middle of april it was super cold and windy. a fun turn of events created a fun night watching my brother playing a sport we both love.


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