weekend smeekend

Stinson.groupthis has been quite a busy weekend. saturday i went out to mount tamalpais/stinson beach for a hike and  beach hang with friends for work. i was able to go for about 1/2 the hike and it was great. the weather was so nice that i was just a fantastic feeling to be outside enjoying the wonderful places in the bay area.

after a long hike and a tiring day we were decided to swing into in & out for dinner…it was the best idea. for some reason in & out tastes better after a long workout.

after dinner i came home and we watched 7 pounds which was a good movie, a little confusing but it was great trying to piece things together at the end.

Arm.wrestling sunday sunday sunday!!! today was quite an experience. my friend emily needed some girls for a "spec spot" which is a fake commerical that gives her friend some experience with directing. it was an arm wrestling "set" where we all gathered for a "march madness" style bracket of arm wrestling. it was quite fun, we all made up fake names and there was plenty of cheering beer drinking, pizza and tons of laughing. it was interesting to see how a commercial is filmed and all the work that goes into it, doing shots again and again to get the right angle.

it was so warm today, by bay area standards, oakland hit a high of 88 degrees and it was awesome being outside and soaking up the sun.


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  1. "Gramma Nug"

    If you took a hike, you may have been on the Dip Sea Trail. It brought back fond memories of fun filled days spent at Stinson when I was a teen. The air always smelled so fresh, the woods, the sun, the salty sea air, fog…
    On Saturdays a group of us would hike the Dip Sea Trail from Stinson to Mill Valley to the movies in the late afternoon. After the movie and treats we would hike back to the summit and with flash lights(it was dark by then)signal for our ride from the dad of one of the kids. He had a big “touring car” and would drive to the top pick us up and take us home.

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