always sunny in berkeley

Kirklandbeer today was a wonderfully warm day in berkeley, which is not always the case. spring and fall are my favorite seasons in the bay area because the weather is always usually fantastic.

we made a costco run this weekend and picked up an item for the first time…the kirkland signature box of beer. i highly recommend the german lager, it is hoppy and quite tasty, with the right amount of relaxation. i know nothing about beer tasting but i know that this tasted good and was a ton cheaper then the "name brand" beer.

i ventured up to the eye clinic at berkeley to pick out my new glasses, i am totally in like with them. i have very low prescription just enough to relax my eyes while i stare at a computer screen all day. the glasses are fysh brand and i think they are super fun and add a little bit of color to my wardrobe. that is my fashion standard, i wear a lot of white, black, gray and then accessorize with bits of color where i can…otherwise i am a white t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. 🙂


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  1. "Gramma Nug"

    Well! You certainly pack alot of fun into your days! I liked the dress you wore to the Cal Gala….and I definitely approve of your wardrobe color choices….my favorites too! However, I would do something soon about that cat.
    Mary Mary…how is your garden growing? You need to add basil and forget tofu…very, very over rated even with sauces.
    Did you ride any of the buses in NYC? Especially the west side. They are great for a.) entertainment (you never know who or what will get on) b.) transportation….very cheap considering the ground covered; c.) relaxation….place to rest your feet d.) sight seeing…you can see the second floor windows.
    Photo of you and Pat is great…makes me miss you all the more. I love you, Gramma.

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