sactown smacktown weekend

Jojo.barrett Matt.barrett our weekend in sacramento was so much fun. it was great to get away even for a few days. saturday we were out in lincoln, matt golfed with the husbands, and my brother pat. i on the other hand had girl day with  my JET crew :). we got nails done, or i did and tina and erika watched. then we went shopping as we do best. hit up tj maxx and went to the new outdoor mall in roseville, the fountains. ended the shopping portion of our day with fro-yo from the big spoon it was the perfect way to end our "exhausting" day.


sunday, after brunch with matt's mom on the deck in placerville, we headed down to sacramento for an afternoon of baby bonding. my great friend amy gave birth 2 weeks ago to this little peanut above named barrett paul broyles. he is absolutely perfect, has the tiniest little fingers and toes and weighs less than our cat. we spent about 3 hours with the wonderful family and i think the only time i wasn't able to hold him was when i had to pee, and that's when matt got a chance at baby holding…he did great. 


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