rainy weekend

Card.ticketsfriday night was spent making wonderfully yummy indian food and watching the movie bolt and hanging out with matt, what could be better? 🙂

saturday i ran some errands, went down to the tj maxx in alameda (loves it) and went to return a pair of pants at anthropologie (e & t…i decided i didn't need the pants from our trip last weekend, even though they were on sale). also more movie watching…what else is there to do when it's raining out?

but, the highlight of my rainy weekend had to be the lovely surprise that matt brought home sunday morning. he had gone to brunch with kenny and i had called and asked him if he could pick me up a vanilla latte from "the village" (montclair). i then remembered that sunday morning is the farmers market which means parking and general navigating is near impossible, so decided to scratch that idea. instead matt bought some sugar-free vanilla syrup so i could make one at home and a card (i LOVE cards) and inside the card were two tickets to x-men: wolverine!! we hit up the matinee and it was the perfect way to spend yet another rainy day. 


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  1. Ana

    Awww….sweet boyfriend 🙂

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