cinco of may that's right..spanglish. today is cinco de mayo…it felt like the middle of december all day which is very un-festive-like. this weather we've been having is just awful, so humid and wet just yuck.

tonight i met my good friend jen at chevy's (the quintessential cinco de mayo restaurant) for a drink, some mexican food and some good conversation. jen just made the decision to move to china, beijing to be precise, for a year to teach english. i am so happy for her and know that there is no better person for the job. but selfishly will miss her for an entire year and hope she comes back after.

being that today could also be considered national drink-corona-day the corona ladies were out in full force with tons of freebies. i got a flashing corona beaded necklace and a blue rubber bracelet (like the livestrong ones) with corona on it…seems cool when you are at a bar then you get home and realize you just got schwaged.


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