my office goes green’ish every now and again one needs an 'ish at the end of a word. i am a fan of 'ish and try to encorporate it into more of my daily vernacular. this particular use of 'ish has to do with the greenness of my office. on earth day i decided to try to make a small step towards greening up our office kitchen. getting out of the habit of using paper plates, bowls, cups, plastic utensils etc.  i received the okay, and the tiny budgetary help from the powers that be and went shopping (gasp…what a shock). i was able to get plates and silverware at goodwill, glasses in the $1 bin at longs (who knew longs had a dollar bin??), and the dish rack at bed, bath & beyond with $10 to spare which is good because i still have bowls in the plan.

my one rule…you use it you clean it, we'll see how that goes…plus it gave me the excuse to use the label maker, because i love me some label maker :).


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One response to “my office goes green’ish

  1. Mom

    Wow! You are a living deja vu from “The Office” episode where Pam posts the sign above the microwave.
    And a nice melding of the “Seinfeld” episode about the label maker!
    I’m impressed with your green-ness. Must be those Myers/Crichton genes.

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