saturday in the park

P.for.poop…i think it was the 4th of july. nope, it was the celebration of one miss emily forbes' 30th birthday party.  we gathered up in the oakland hills at the roberts regional park for a gourmet bbq of chicken and steak tacos, several choices of fresh homemade salsa, fantastic homemade guac and of course beer. we munched on food and then it was time for the main event…kickball. here we are on the kickball field. this is nicole…she likes funny shirts. yes…it does say "p is for poop". my favorite part of this picture is the birthday girl in the background running up to join the picture…happy 30th em!!

also, we went into san francisco tonight to meet up with matt's mom and sister for a pre-mother's day dinner. we went to the most superb little french restaurant on union street. i tried escargot (snails) for the first time, i have to admit they were quite tasty…but so would anything be when drowned in butter, garlic and onions.  a wonderful dinner followed by a nutella and banana crepe (split 4 ways). happy mother's day to all the moms out there!!Aguiar.fam


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