saltine challenge


don't ask how we came to the point of needing a saltine challenge but we did. this started a few weeks ago with conversation about how one cannot drink an entire gallon of milk…like ever. then it turned to one cannot eat a teaspoon of ground cinnamon…ever. and we finally came to  one cannot eat 5 saltine crackers within 1 minute…ever. one of us (mindy) said that she could most certainly eat 5 saltines in one minute…in fact i think there was bragging as well. so today was THE day to find out. each of us had our 5 crackers and a paper towel (not that it helped) and we timed ourselves eating crackers. here we are in the "before" shot…let me tell you it was, fun, funny, messy, and not possible.

see for yourself (last names have been left out to protect those involved):

Saltine Challenge – Mindy from Joanna Nelle on Vimeo.


the second part of my day has been spent babysitting for our dear friends…here is eva pearl being a turtle…isn't she adorable…look at the smile! happy anniversary marlene & michael!!



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