hot time in the old town

Snarf.musty it was HOT today! good thing that every place in sacramento has air conditioning, i am convinced this was the only way i survived a childhood of triple digit summer weather.

we started the morning off with fresh noah's bagels, tetris, and jello shot making (for a bachelorhood party tonight not for breakfast). we also had some quality time with brielle, an adorable 1 1/2 year old who likes cats, and like coloring, and likes coloring ON cats (notice the blue mustache on Snarf, the cat) .

our day continued over to the lincoln red robin for lunch with ryan and crystal and got caught up on baby talk. crystal is due in 3 weeks with their first child, a girl, emma :). then we did some bargain shopping at Ross and i bought a bikini for $11.99…what a steal! [thanks for the tip erika ;)]

tonight matt and i went to listen to my mom's concert, she sings in a choir in sacramento and tonight they had their summer concert at sacred heart, some beautiful music and a fun little ditty about mashed potatoes and butter.


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