i’m feelin’ hot hot hot

today was a perfect day to sit by (or in) a pool and sip a cold drink, and that is exactly what we did. we were up in placerville for brunch, had a wonderful meal, and then spent a few hours out by the pool with lemonade, iced tea and (what i like to call) fruit water, oh so refreshing! after a few hours soaking in the sun we had to make the trek back to the bay. it was so nice being in the sun and heat this weekend, but i think it was made nicer knowing that we would be coming back to our more mild temperatures soon, and i am so looking forward to a week of low 80s in Berkeley.

on the drive back home we stopped at the yolo fruit stand in Davis and picked up some great fresh produce and a few other gems: tahini for my homemade hummus, and chile & lime peanuts (matt's pick) and a tasty snack with a kick.


we finally made it home to a pretty warm house that had been shut up for 2 days with a few open windows so kirky had some fresh air. he seemed a bit pooped and less energetic than usual, on account of the heat. it's always funny when we come home from being gone because kirky can't quite decide what he wants to do more…run outside and play with black kitty or greet us and get some petting love. he usually decides to hang around us and tell us about his weekend (he is quite chatty). apparently our granite cutting area was THE place to be because he just hopped up there and laid down and spread out, the granite must have been nice and cool on his warm furry body.

we had a great weekend in sacramento, and man i do miss those summer nights but it's good to be home and preparing for another week. we're off to DC next weekend for memorial day, can't wait!


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