got my hair did

Haircut one fun part about my weekend in sacramento was getting my haircut. i think getting a haircut ranks up there with one of my favorite things in life. the entire process, from deciding what style i want, and the hair-washing and the neck massage to the blow dry and style…just a fantastic way to spend an hour. this is my "new do"…and let me tell you i took about 15 pictures to get one in which i didn't look like a total dork. although the dorky ones were fun, i experimented with crossed eyes and tongue-sticking-out photos, but they weren't fit to print.

today was another big milestone day in my post-surgery rehab. today was my first day back at spin class. it…felt…great! i haven't sweat that much since before my surgery (nearly six months ago now). i even did some "climbing" (where you stand up and pedal) and even that felt good. i had minimal swelling afterward, and little pain. this is a HUGE step forward in my progress. i am starting to feel a bit more normal, i have stopped wearing my brace as much, but am listening to my knee when it tells me that some days i need a bit more support. it's still a long process and i am not 100% yet, but i'm feeling closer to 100% than to 0%, so i've got that going for me.


tonight i had a wonderful evening solo at home. matt went to have birthday drinks with his buddy kevin so i got to stay home and paint my nails, watch some Grey's Anatomy (i totally caved, i had been boycotting Grey's all season…darn you, and flip through a stack of magazines, all while wearing my "white-girl j-lo outfit" (aka my green bcbg pants & jacket) as named by my brother. this week is off to a good start!


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  1. brittany

    I like the bangs!

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