DC here I come

DC here I comeThis day started early with an alarm at 5am, followed with a few taps of the snooze button. I hit no traffic driving to sfo which meant that I arrived WAY early for my 930 flight.

Security was a breeze and I brought my suitcase through which I haven't done since the 311 liquid requirements, so far so good.

Observations so far:
1. there is a new hand dryer machine in the bathrooms where you stick your hands down into the compartment and pull out slowly and your hand are dry in like 10 seconds…quite amazing.

2. I saw a pre-teen girl with a t-shirt that said "girlfriends and forever, boys are whatever"…a typical attitude for a 10- year old don't you think?

3. No international flights leave before 10am because I could have sworn when I walked in this morning that the airport wasn't yet open…no one was around.

4. Why does everything sold in airports cost so much money?? I spent $4 on a one liter bottle of water! But I did bring pb&j for my meal on the plane so that should save me a pretty penny.


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