Bad decision day

Bad decision day It has been a long day. I finally made it back to our house at 1215am this morning and got to sleep at 1am (which felt like 4am east coast time). By the time I woke up and headed into work I realized that I had forgotten my parking pass (which allows me to use the campus lots) so since I didn't have the pass I spent all day moving my car every two hours on the street so I didn't get a ticket. This was bad decision #1.

Tonight I am at home, catching up on the latest DVR shows (Ugly Betty season finale…OMG!, Jon & Kate +8 season premiere…OMG! and the most current episode of My Boys…NO-MG!) Since it is such a nice night I had the front glass door open and sometimes Little Black Kitty (LBK) ventures in while we are at home. Tonight I thought it might be a good idea to see what would happen if I shut the front door while LBK was inside…you know to sort of force them to be in the same space and be friends just to see how they would be with me here. Insert bad decision #2…I can't tell if they were playing around or if they just don't like to be in enclosed areas together without an escape route…but it did not go over well. Kirky chased LBK into the bedroom and kinda trapped her/him in the corner. I finally was able to coerce Kirky out of the bedroom and then opened the two exits so LBK could escape. I officially felt terrible.

Photo(3)Kirky also was feeling quite frisky while hunting a moth that was fluttering around the paper lantern, AND was Mr. Brave kitty and puffed out his chest at the raccoon who came up to the glass and then happened to tip over the watering can…on purpose. I had to chase him away, which I did by clapping really loud and stomping down the deck, I can't imagine what our neighbors think :).


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