Reading Partners

Reading Partners Wednesdays are the mornings that I tutor at an elementary school in Berkeley. This Wednesday was the last session of the school year. I have been working with Aaron since September and it's been a great year. Once challenge have had is in the "take reading home" department. At the end of each session the student is allowed to pick up a book to take home, read at home, and fill out a worksheet. We have steps 1 and 2 taken care of but have struggled with step 3, bringing back the worksheet. If you bring a worksheet back you get to put a sticker up on the chart. Today Aaron brought in a worksheet, totally unprompted…I was so proud. He got to pick out his sticker so he chose the large square one with a picture of planet earth, it is the biggest sticker on the chart :). Way to go Aaron, you have had a great year and I am so proud!


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