Hot Yoga, Deer & TV

BikramOh boy, what a day. After a great session of "hot" yoga in DC I decided
to go for another session in Oakland. It kicked my butt, let me tell
you! I learned that the class I did in DC was not actually Bikram, but
more like Hot Power Yoga (which I think I prefer). Some
of the Bikram poses I can't do because of my knee and I hate feeling
like a slacker so I tried to alter my poses and Mr.
Bikram-instructor-man didn't seem too happy about it, which I thought
was strange because usually with yoga they tell you to do what is
comfortable and what your body allows you to do…Bikram is seemingly
very strict. But still it feels great to sweat and I do feel like I got
a great workout, just need to prepare with some more hydration.

Also on the way home up into the hills of Montclair I came across a young deer in the road, which happens quite frequently actually. Luckily I was able to snap a quick photo…she looks so young and was all alone.



After I recovered from my yoga binge, I totally vegged out on the couch and watched So You Think You Can Dance, and cuddled with Kirky…isn't he the sweetest? 🙂



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