Long weekend

Kirky So this is the only picture I have that is ready to upload from this weekend. This is Kirky watching Matt do the dishes while drinking out of the water fountain in the sink…he's a funny little cat.

Ok, so Saturday was an awesome day. Got to sleep in and then got to play "small" golf at the Montclair Golf course, a 9 hole pitch-n-putt course for the 30th birthday of Carrie. It was such fun and a great way to spend a semi-sunny afternoon and evening.

Sunday…Sunday…Sunday, I went into the city for brunch with Ana and Jen which was wonderful. It's so great to have Ana back in the bay for the summer…even though it does not feel like summer.

Matt and I had plans to go see the movie Up in 3-D in Emeryville and I had bought 7 tickets for a big group of us. Matt had been out mountain biking in Walnut Creek and had a bit of a spill. He called me from the John Muir Emergency Room around 2:45pm and I made my way out there. Turns out it was a bigger fall then I expected. After 4 hours in the ER we left with a prescription for pain pills, a bunch of scrapes, a sling, and a broken right scapula (shoulder blade). After all the help Matt gave me while I was recovering from 2 knee surgeries last year…it's finally my turn to play nurse. He'll be out of commission for a while but is hanging in there, it just is going to take time to heal.

More pictures from the weekend:

  • Carrie and the "3-0" necklace
  • Our foursome at the Golf tournament…and our cheezy golfer stance
  • Ana in her new summer apartment, with full view of the Golden Gate Bridge (even fogged in it's beautiful)
  • GOATS…that is the way that the East Bay handles fire danger…they bring in goats to eat all the tall grass. I think it's strange but effective

 Carrie30 FoursomeAna.brunchGoats


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