Another busy day

Mosaic128afa3f831d8a082655bdb9ede6642d4321f5ae I learned how to make mosaics today!! This is my JETA photo mosaic. JETA=JoannaErikaTinaAllie, my three best friends from high school. These pictures were taken last year during wedding season. Bachelorette party in vegas, wedding couples party, Allie's wedding.

This is from an awesome website that links with flickr to use images to create mosaics…love it!

I also realize, with help from Matt, that most of my blogs revolve around food, which helped me realize that I need to try to do something more exciting during the week so that I write about something else besides my meals. 


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  1. Tina

    Notice how allie always makes me stand on the end instead of being in true JETA formation. Very cute!

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