Garden Update

Garden So the garden has taken off from where we started. Now look at how big the plants are. It is a challenge to walk by and we have no produce yet, but you can see some large yellow flowers on the big plant closest to the camera so we expect to have zucchini soon.

The tomatoes are being a bit more stubborn. It could be because the weather has been terrible lately and I'm pretty sure that tomatoes need heat to grow.

I am excited for Friday and for a relaxing weekend. Bring on some warm weather!


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One response to “Garden Update

  1. erika

    Thanks – I was wondering how your garden grows. 🙂 And yes, tomatoes do love the heat and sun. I should send you a pic of our garden…it’s beginning to get OOC (out of control)! No veggies to pick quite yet, but the yellow crookneck squash are close. Mmm! ;)~

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