Flowers, Birthdays, and Puppies…oh my

Today we celebrated the birthday of Ms. Diane with a blue and gold yummy yummy cake. I also had my 3rd installment of the UC Event Planning Workshop and I won a centerpiece from Telegraph Flowers. All the flowers they did were beautiful and I was so lucky to get to keep one.

After work I got to meet my friend's new puppy, Biscuit Belle!! She is adorable and so sweet and cuddly and mellow…I WANT ONE! 🙂 After our doggy time AJ and I went to Dona Tomas for dinner which is probably my most favorite restaurant in the East Bay. I had the carnitas and we shared the guacamole…standard.  It was all wonderful, as usual, thank you AJ!!!!

PuppytimemosaicOn my way home I happened to see a few little cats run across a pretty main street in Montclair so I quickly pulled over and tried to coerce the cats out of the bushes with no luck. There was a momma and two babies (that I could see). I went home and got some cat food and our cat carrier to try again because I didn't want them to get hurt. I went back to where I found them earlier and couldn't see anything. I still have the food and carrier in the car just in case I see them tomorrow morning or evening.


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One response to “Flowers, Birthdays, and Puppies…oh my

  1. erika

    OMG, Biscuit is ADORABLE!!! I want another one, too!
    Be careful trying to catch stray kitties…you might end up with a Snarfy. 😉

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