A few of my favorite things

I wasn't quite sure what to write about today, not much exciting happened at work (which takes up most of my time). So I decided to snap a few pictures around the house of some of my most favorite things:


1. Netflix (current disc is The Wire: Season 1, Disc 2, we are hooked) 2. Real Simple magazine subscription 3. Diet peach Snapple iced tea 4. My Ugg slippers 5. Burt's Bees' body butter (I use it for my knee and put it on my scar at night) 6. Mederma (also for my knee scar, not sure if it's helping yet but I'm willing to try anything to cover the 6" scar on my leg) 7. My L.L. Bean "Joanna" tote bag…designed it myself, zips shut…the perfect weekend/overnight bag 8. Flowers, any and all 9. Wrapping presents, it is a guilty pleasure that I absolutely love to wrap presents

Leaving tomorrow for Tahoe, a weekend away with the girls for Emily's bachelorette party AND now also to celebrate the recent engagement of Bonnie Forbes and Jeran…congrats Bone!! More posts to come, hopefully some awesome pictures too.


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