Big House Bachelorette (June 19-21)

Where do I begin to describe this weekend? It was amazing, every minute. Great friends, great food, great house, great times! Thanks to everyone who was there to make the weekend truly unforgettable! From hanging in the hot tub, boating to Chambers & Sunnyside (best bloody mary's EVER), to singing "All my Ching-a-ling" (aka All The Single Ladies), to doing "the worm" and laughing so hard our cheeks hurt, everything was truly epic!


Photo explanation:
1. Tried a McCafe iced coffee at McDonald's (pretty good)
2. Bottle of Big House Red, in honor of the weekend at the Big house
3. Photo of Big House from the boat, 4. Ladies in the front of the boat on the way to Chambers Landing
5. The bride-to-be with her Chambers Punch
6. Chambers Landing
7. Quincy the assistant-photographer for the weekend
8. Nicole: "boating is fun"
9. Anne & Em at Sunnyside
10. Anne & Me in line for Vex at South Lake Tahoe Harrah's
11. Emily at the entrance to Harrah's
12. Riding on the escalator, Emily style 🙂

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