Coffee Tiger

 Isn't that in intriguing name for a drink? Coffee Tiger…grrrr! I was seduced by the welcoming name and tried one with my lunch. The drink ordered regularly is coffee + half & half + honey. My order was decaf + non-fat milk + honey…sorta not the same thing but still tasty. CoffeeTigerThis is also a picture of my little journal. I have been keeping it in my purse to jot down thoughts and ideas for inspiration so hopefully i'll come up with some interesting topics for this here blog. Stay tuned!

Also, there were two historic celebrity deaths today. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I feel bad that Farrah's death is being foreshadowed by the passing of Michael Jackson. I don't really feel anything negative or positive about MJ. It is sad that he is dead but feel that his legend died a long time ago. He was a wonderful musician and brought us fantastic music, thank you Michael!


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