New Look

I felt the need to switch up the design and layout of my blog…so I did. I think I will try to do this seasonally. This one feels springy/summery and I love the layout so we'll see how long this will last :).

Happy Friday! My brother and his girlfriend are coming in to town tomorrow so there will be much to post from our exciting weekend!

Wow, don't Google "finally Friday"…some weird stuff! So I'll create my own graphic for this wonderfully sunny day!


Friday night, my favorite night of the week! As is now becoming tradition, we spent our Friday night over at the Lombardo household for a wonderful BBQ (and wine & beer). The kids were being particularly adorable and I was able to snap some great photos of them. Here is a sample but you can  also check out the photo album.


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  1. erika

    LOVE the new layout!!! And your pix of the Lombardo kids are adorable! Good work, photog-jo.

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