Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Man o man is it hot! I much prefer a bit of heat to the June gloom that we were experiencing but it is harder to deal with because our house has no air conditioning. Today was a great little Saturday. We got to sleep in, have a nice breakfast, clean house and then my brother Patrick and his girlfriend LaNee came down for a visit. We have lived in our house for two years and this is the first time they have come down to see it, so it was great having them here! We went down and toured the Montclair Village for a bit of culture during the Art Festival and Pat sampled a grinder sub from the "Sandwich Nazi".

Then for an air conditioned afternoon we (yes Tina…finally:)) went to see The Hangover. It was hilarious and I laughed for the entire time…BUT…I felt like I had seen the entire movie already because the trailers were all so detailed, and because I was stalking the website watching all the clips. It was still worth the big screen view and we had a great time.

After the movie we came home and BBQd kabobs and sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and amazing weather, and also played a bit of Trivial Pursuit. Thanks Pat & LaNee for making the trip down here, it was great seeing you both and we should do this again real soon!


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  1. erika

    I TOTALLY agree with your comment about having seen most of The Hangover in the trailer. I was semi-disappointed myself. Still funny, but no big shockers. I could almost call the funny moment before it came on.

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