Day of gettin’ stuff done

Another hot and productive day. We made a jaunt over to The Costco this morning to pick up food for next weekend's trip up to the Sea Ranch, it was a very efficient Costco trip. Then we went over for a quick visit at the Lombardo house to see their new pool (read: inflatable lawn pool that the kids adore). Then I zipped down to exchange/shop at the Gap Outlet, picked up tortillas for our BBQ shrimp taco dinner and then finished the crafty project I've been prepping for a few weeks now. Bottle cap magnets :). It required stocking up on bottle caps, then buying the magnets at Michael's, then finding Matt's glue gun (yes it's Matt's gun not mine…I think I left mine in sorority-ville [aka back in college]). The finished project? Here…



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  1. erika

    I’ve been wanting to do that very project!! Great minds think alike. 😉 I’m disappointed that I didn’t get any Balashi beer bottle caps from Aruba, though. 😦 Is it weird that I want to scope them out and buy some online?? Not even sure that’s possible, but I’m gonna try!

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