Pilates Homestyle

This morning I awoke early with the intention of going in to a "Pilates on the Ball" class at my gym, instead I stayed at home and did a pilates video (seen below). I felt very good that I woke up at 7am to do a work-out. So far this week I am 2 for 2 on days working out…spin class again tomorrow evening.


Tomorrow stay tuned, I am going to start something new. I will only post on weekdays, as the weekends are gearing up to be extremely hectic until September (seriously). So here is what I am proposing to do. I will have a theme assigned to each week day as follows:
Monday = Weekend re-cap (duh)
Tuesday = What I love about Tuesdays (a mish-mash of some "top 5" lists, crafts, any other non-category items)
Wednesday = Wonderment Wednesdays (you have to read to find out what this is)
Thursday = Diary of a little gray cat (a weekly log of Kirky's diary)
Friday = 5 o'clock Fridays (a wine/beer review, new brand each week)

Please post some ideas for "top 5" lists as I fear I will run out of ideas.


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