Weekend re-cap: 4th of July

Oh wow, what a weekend! We headed up to the Sea Ranch on Thursday early afternoon for four days of relaxing and hanging out. There was lots of good food, fun games, plentiful drinks, and no alarm clocks. 

Friday night was quite eventful! We played a game of mafia with the eight of us and right as we were ending, a bat decided to fly in and join the festivities…here is one of many videos I took of us (aka the boys) attempting to remove the bat from our house. It was hilarious and frightening all at the same time. Did you know that if you poke a bat with a drum stick while he is hiding behind a rock wall that he will emit a sound very similar to the sound of sticking something into a light socket? I didn't either until Friday night. Enjoy…

Untitled from Joanna Nelle on Vimeo.

Saturday we went golfing with Kenny & Dre. Matt played caddy for
Kenny as he still can't really golf because of his shoulder, he did get
in a few putts though. I combined with Andreia and became team DreJo
:). Dre would do all the big stuff, off the tee and I stepped in for
the short game, chipping and putting (my fave). The boys lit up a cigar
and we then became the foursome otherwise known as "bogies &
stogies". The weather was pretty bad, but the view from the course was
amazing, and there were deer everywhere!

made our way home Sunday, much to our dismay, and made a stop over in
SF at Ghiradelli square, for some ice cream with our out of town guests
(Annie & Jeff) then dropped them off at Union Square and came back
home to attend to our now restless kitty! What a wonderful
weekend…from here on out weekends are pretty jam packed, I love
summer! šŸ™‚

(*click mosaic to enlarge)

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