Diary of a little gray cat: Entry 2

Dear diary,
I wonder if cats have the same age as dogs do? Does one human year equal 7 cat years? I ask because I fear I am having a "senior moment". I was out hunting the other day, I like hunting, and I found a nice little play toy (aka mouse/lizard) and decided to bring it back home to show Jojy & Matt what a good hunter I am, and darn it if I didn't forget where I put down the toy. There is a small pile of grass blades in the hallway but no mouse/lizard. My Jojy has some piles of clothes in the bedroom and I think he ran under the pile. I hope he comes out soon so that I can play with him again.

Tonight I found a nice place to sit inside this wicker basket. It wasn't very comfortable so I didn't spend much time in it, I much prefer the couch.

Until next week, g'night!



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