Wonderment Wednesdays

For Today> tutoring, spin class, yummy dinner with the Lombardo family

Outside my window> a great sunset from our porch, beautiful warm summer weather

I am thinking> how much I love Matt and his 80s rock lip-syncing…Tesla rocks!

I am thankful for> 4-day work weeks, and a long weekend to Sacramento & Mt. Shasta

From the kitchen> Flank steaks, caprese salad, and Pimientos

I am wearing> Love Pink capri sweatpants & a Lululemon tank top & pig-tail buns in my hair

I am hoping> for a restful night sleep, haven't been feeling great this week, and after a kick ass spin class I should sleep well

I am creating> a good wish list of things after looking at the lululemon site 🙂

Around the house> dishes are done, still haven't unpacked from last weekend and I need to start packing for this coming weekend that starts tomorrow post 5pm

One of my favorite things> when Matt sings/lip syncs to me…it makes my heart happy and makes me smile

A few plans for the rest of the week>
tomorrow work, then off to Sacramento. Friday, haircut, lunch for Tina's birthday then early afternoon up to Mt. Shasta with Amy, Jason & Baby Barrett.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you> Eva Pearl "playing" Super Mario Bros on our old school Nintendo/Matt lip syncing to Tesla


*Thank you for the inspiration The Simple Woman's Daybook


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