Weekend re-cap: Mt. Shasta

What a long and eventful weekend! We got into Mt. Shasta around 6pm Friday night just in time for a wonderful dinner and good quality hanging out. On the way up to Sacramento Thursday night, we made a stop at Target and Matt finally purchased Risk. Apparently it was an even better purchase because when we asked if Amy, Jason & Joy wanted to play they said that they had spent a good amount of time Thursday going to all the stores in Shasta looking for this game, not knowing that we had purchased it. We had our first of many games on Friday night and it lasted into the wee hours of the evening.

Saturday we slept in a bit and then went to Lake Siskiyou for a bit with Rusty to cool off and have lunch. We played yet another round of Risk this afternoon, had another wonderful dinner and called it an earlier evening.

Our original plan for Sunday was: wake up, pack and hit the road knowing that we had a 4+ hour drive ahead of us. Plans changed when the idea of another Risk match was brought up. Our departure quickly went from 10:30am to 1:30pm. It was so hard to leave. The weather was warm and the view was beautiful. It was such a relaxing weekend hanging out with everyone and such a harsh reality to come home, unpack, do laundry and start the work week bright and early Monday morning. Thanks again Amy, Jason & Joy for a great memorable weekend! It was great to hang with you guys and see how much Barrett is growing. Matt enjoyed the ankle bath Rusty gave him (see photo). Can't wait to meet up in Vacaville for a Risk re-match (kidding…kinda).



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