What I love about Tuesdays: blogs

Ever since I started writing my own blog, I have been turned on to the world of blogging and have become somewhat obsessed with the wonderness that is blogging. Some of my favorites are bookmarked on my computer and I do enjoy checking them out daily. I encourage you to do the same. So what I love about this Tuesday are…my top 5 favorite blogs:

1. enjoy it (One of my inspirations to write my own blog, Elise is fantastically crafty, creative and has an amazing sense of style. She is also planning a wedding and it's really fun to see all her plans.)

2. Bros Before Hos (I became intrigued by the name and stuck around for the humor…and also because she is a Sac-town native)

3. Bionic Knee (I started searching ACI surgeries and this blog popped up. Oh how I wished he had started a month sooner. I feel as if he were writing the story of my knee surgery. The detail and the struggle with the rehab post-op…I identify so much with his story.)

4. Stuff White People Like (OMG hilarious! I found this one a few days ago and it is an insta-fave! Wonderful in the humor category)

5.  Chase This (My friend Lauren is in Morocco teaching english for a few weeks this summer. It has been amazing to follow her journey and hear about how life is in her world right now.)

*[insert shameless plug]: I was tasked with creating a blog for my marketing class. I originally thought "Great! I already have a blog so I can just continue to use that." No such luck. So my new/other/school blog is Geeze Knees. There is only one post up so far but I have plans to turn it into a resource for others who have undergone this huge ACI surgery or who are about to.


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  1. 🙂 thanks love! can’t wait to see you sunday!

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