Wonderment Wednesdays

For Today> a long and productive day at the office

Outside my window> It's dark out, but more exciting is the So You Think You Can Dance episode on TV in front of me…Melissa & Ade's dance=AMAZING!!

I am thinking> is it weird that I just cried because of a reality TV show about dancing? (Matt says yes)

I am thankful for> everyday that my knee continues to heal and feel better, I have no regrets about my surgery.

From the kitchen> homemade pizza! Trader Joe's Pizza dough & pizza sauce. Toppings included hot italian sausage, roasted/marinated bell peppers (handmade), goat cheese & mozzarella. With broccolini & beets on the side.

I am wearing> sadly enough…my work out clothes still and a pile of laundry over my lap that I need to fold

I am hoping> for nice weather tomorrow

I am creating> heavy eyelids…I'm sleepy!

Around the house> pile of clean unfolded laundry, sleeping kitty, quiet neighbors

One of my favorite things> Cal football 44 days 'til kick off of the 09-10 season, AND we just bought our flights to Minnesota for the game on September 19…(who else is going??)

A few plans for the rest of the week> I think we are going to see Private Lives at the Cal Shakes theater. My friend Sarah is starring in the show.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you> To further reiterate my love for all things Cal…and to also admit that I have WAY too many clothing/accessory items that are blue & gold…I give to you my Cal Crocs


*Thank you for the inspiration The Simple Woman's Daybook


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