Diary of a little gray cat: Entry 4

Dear Diary,
What a week! After a long and boring weekend home alone I have been livin' it up this week! One night I was SO angry at my people! My little black kitty friend was out having fun without me and then had to go and rub it in my face that he/she caught a HUGE RAT and brought it to the doorstep to show me. I was so embarrassed that I wasn't the one killing rats…I'll just have to do better next time.  It has been a little bit chilly at night so I have been cuddling up with my Jojy, which she likes. Life is hard out here for a cat…I sleep, eat, chase things, sleep some more and try to look cute…mission accomplished.


>the RAT


*Also, Jojy started her summer mini book (inspired and assisted by Elise and her fabulous shop)…check it out! Some of the photos didn't turn out great, and the orientation is all off…she swears they were the right way before she imported them :(.


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  1. Tina

    That picture is hilarious!!

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