Weekend re-cap: SF & Gilroy Garlic Festival

A long but wonderful weekend! I am taking classes at UC Berkeley Extension towards a graduate certificate in marketing. I am currently in my 3rd of 6 and am taking: Social Media Marketing. It is a great class and so far I have been learning a lot about the different avenues to social media marketing and how it really has changed the way that products are being marketed. I had class all day Saturday which actually passed pretty quickly. After class I met Matt at Kenny & Dre's new apartment in SOMA. It is an adorable loft style apartment with high ceilings, huge windows, hardwood floors, a HUGE closet and Rock-Band (that didn't come with the apartment). We had a wonderful dinner of steak, salad, rice and green beans, followed by a rockin' sesh on the Playstation. Note to self, I sound much better in my head then I do on a microphone :)…sorry to those who had to hear me!

Sunday was a long and amazing day. We headed down to Gilroy early in the AM to attend the Garlic Festival with Jen (a Gilroy native). We had amazing food, hot weather, good company and fantastic people watching (a favorite hobby of mine). The best quote of the day from Matt: (looking at a tattooed man with his shirt off) "That guy woke up today planning to take his shirt off".


Photos: The Loft, Kenny Cooking, Rock-band drums, Gourmet Alley, 5 foot wide Paella pans, Garlic Ice Cream, Chillaxin' in the shade, Garlic Food (fried artichoke hearts with shrimp and crab, Garlic Fried Green Tomatoes, Key Lime Garlic Calamari), Gilroy Garlic Festival Bobble head, Ana & Jen in the Rain Room

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  1. missamerika

    How funny… I had thought it’d be fun and wanted to go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, but we would’ve had to go yesterday. I didn’t realize you guys were going. 😦 Remember to remind us next year! 😉 Looking forward to this weekend!!

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