Wonderment Wednesdays

For Today> Spin class tonight, looking forward to getting a good workout

Outside my window> Fog, it looks like it just rained…it's July! I've lived in the Bay Area 5 1/2 years and still am not used to the "summer" weather.

I am thinking> I need to finish up my take-home midterm before Saturday.

I am thankful for> Lawn seats at The Fray concert on Saturday, can't wait!

From the kitchen> Matt's crock-pot spicy pork tacos…yummm!!

I am wearing> My comfy's…which is pretty much any outfit I own

I am hoping>That more people read my blog and make comments, so far Erika & Tina are my #1 fans 🙂

I am creating> A long list of new websites for social media, this class is great but very overwhelming with information, there are just too many cool sites out there

Around the house> Kirky is rolled up in a little ball and sleeping soundly on the couch.

One of my favorite things> Knitting. Current project (spoiler alert for all my prego friends) baby beanies!

A few plans for the rest of the week> Work, midterm, babysitting, Erika & Justin coming to visit, The Fray concert

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you> I love Smart Water and they have a fun website


*inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook


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One response to “Wonderment Wednesdays

  1. missamerika

    I can’t wait for The Fray, too!!! :)~

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