Diary of a little gray cat: Entry 5

Dear diary,

Today I had a strange occurrence. There were kids at my house. They are funny creatures, they are so much smaller than my people and they have sticky hands and they don't know my name…they call me Turkey…uh, it's KIRKY with a "K". I am intrigued by them. The smallest one almost let me have a bite of his peanut butter sandwich, but then Jojy snatched it away, dang…so close.

Also, It the garden is doing well. Jojy picked the one red tomato that was on the plant and she said it tasted good. I also saw her pick two zucchini today and wow they were BIG! I wish I liked vegetables because they sure look tasty!

I guess that's all for me today. I'll try to do some fun things this next week so I can have more to write about next week.

-Kirky the cat



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