What I love about Tuesdays: iPhone Apps

Ok, so I thought the novelty of the myriad of iPhone apps would wear off after a while. How long is "a while"? I've had my "iPhone machine" (as Matt calls it) since February and I still love browsing for apps…mostly the free apps (my favorite #).

Here are my top 5 favorite apps: 

BeeJiveIM: I did pay for this app (one of the only I have paid for), but it was well worth the $. I stay logged into all my chat avenues (GChat, AOL, Yahoo, Live, Facebook… if I wanted to). It pushes all new chats directly to me like a text message, which is great to cut down on the number of texts I send & receive.

Picture 11

Facebook: I am convinced this app is the reason I am addicted to Facebook. I rarely log into Facebook on my computer anymore and love scrolling through status updates when I have free time, like waiting for my lunch, or at a red light (I know…I probably shouldn't do this but at least I'm not moving right?) A Free app too…BONUS!

Picture 12

TapTap Revenge: Just got this app about a week ago. It's the free version (yay) and it is the Rockband/Guitar Hero of iPhone game apps. It works with music (lots of free downloads) and you can set the difficulty level and "tap-tap" the different color balls when they pop into the targets…SO FUN! I'm not a big games app user but this one totally hooks you in, and did I mention it's free?

Picture 13

*And here are my top 2 most essentially "useless-but-fun-nonetheless" apps:

Flashlight: I admit that I downloaded this after a few glasses of wine while in Tahoe. We were out sitting on the dock at night watching the moon and just chatting and I felt like I needed a bit more light to help me find my way back to the house…voila…Flashlight app. I read a review on iTunes that said "it's just a blank screen" (or something to that effect) my response to that? Duh, what else did you expect the flashlight app to do? Sing & dance? I don't think so. It's perfectly fine for it's intended purpose…to light your way.

Picture 14

Zippo: Again, it's helpful for one purpose: to look like a cool lighter. I downloaded this at The Fray concert on Saturday and, yes I held it up and waved it back and forth…which I am convinced is THE reason they even made this app. It's super fun, you can customize the lighter, flick open the top of the lighter and actually even strike the lighter thing that sparks and turns it into flame (I have no idea what that part is called, obviously). And when you wave it back & forth it flickers and waves too, pretty neat if you ask me. Also…yup you guessed it…it's FREE!

Picture 15


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