Wonderment Wednesdays

For Today> Going to see Harry Potter 6 (finally!!), and out to dinner with my good friend J-Wa!

Outside my window> It's dark…which has been my answer the last few weeks because I post my blogs so late at night!

I am thinking> This is an awesome quote: "If you're not scraped and bruised, you haven't been outside playing." from For Love or Funny

I am thankful for> A flexible work schedule that let me start work at 8am and leave at 4pm to make the 5:10pm movie.

From the kitchen> Nothing from my own kitchen, we went out to lunch for Jackie's birthday at work and out to dinner at Chilli's with Jen.

I am wearing> Skinny jeans, gray flowy tank top, corduroy jacket and my "New York" shoes as Jen called them, because I bought them in New York. Simple Nine West kitten heel shoes.

I am hoping> To fall asleep quickly and get a good night sleep after going to bed late.

I am creating> A Google Reader page, and loving it!! It helps me keep track of all the blogs I follow.

Around the house> Laundry to fold, pile to put away (always), bag to pack for this weekend, Lair stuff to get ready for NEXT weekend/week…the countdown begins until vacation!

One of my favorite things> Post-it notes, so much so that I ordered my own personalized post-its from VistaPrint.com

A few plans for the rest of the week> Tomorrow I'm going to try a Dailey Method class! Then we're off to Lincoln/Placerville/Sacramento for the weekend…yay hot hot heat!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you> …did I mention I love post-its?

Jojo Post-its

*from the last day in my old office at work…my co-workers know me so well (2007)

*inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook


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