Diary of a little gray cat – exercise

Dear Diary,

This week I have been a busy little boy. The weather has been nice so I have been out a-hunting. I was so happy that Jojy got to see me hunt a mouse the other day. I chased it real good and was playing with it, you know batting it around with my paws, chasing it around the trees and under the leaves, oh boy was it fun! I was about to kill the mouse, had him in my mouth and he started screaming, Jojy couldn't handle it anymore so she went in the house and shut the door so that I wouldn't bring my prize back home, I decided to leave him be and went inside to hang with my Jojy and my Matty instead, they are better company than a dead mouse :).

Since Jojy always thinks it's weird that I chase mice I decided to search on-line for a good reason why I do what I do and came up with this: (from this website)

Why do some cats kill mice and birds?

In the wild, cats have to hunt their own food. They are not given
cat food in a bowl everyday. When cats kill mice and birds they are
just hunting and using their instincts like they would in the wild.

*this isn't me but I thought it was funny

I get plenty of food in my bowl everyday so I guess I am just a natural hunter.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and I'll post again next week!




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