What I [don’t] love about Tuesdays

Ok, I'll admit it, I tend to be a bit complainy sometimes. So I figured I'd get some of my gripes out in one place. This Tuesday's list is about my 3 most annoying pet-peeves:

1. Incompetent/inconsiderate drivers: This is my #1 cause of any sort of blood pressure increase, well this and salt. Some people just have this holier-than-thou attitude that THEY can do whatever they want because THEY are important. I find that it often coincides with people who drive luxury cars…although not always.


2. Soggy sandwich bread: I hate when I order a sandwich, but don't eat it right away and the bread (especially on rolls) gets super soggy…blech!

*photo from this blog

3. Raw meat: I am not a vegetarian but do go through phases where raw meat (chicken, pork, beef) just grosses me out. I especially have a hard time eating red meat that isn't the lovely color of light pink (I call it medium-well but it could also be considered well done). Also as part of this "eww gross" is the sound of chicken bones/wings etc cracking…I just can't escape the fact that these are bones and that this used to be alive.



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